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Management Bios: Kirk Friedman


Kirk Friedman is a Senior Partner at Syncadence. Mr. Friedman joined Syncadence just after its formation in 2005.

As a Senior Partner, Mr. Friedman’s responsibilities span both business and technical areas. On the business side Mr. Friedman shares responsibility for customer interactions and Syncadence employee management. On the technical side, Mr. Friedman helps architect customer solutions and contributes directly to implementing these solutions.

Mr. Friedman has extensive experience in the broadband arena. He is an original contributor to the Data Over Cable Services Specification (DOCSIS). Mr. Friedman is a founding member of Knovative Inc, a software manager and member of the technical staff at Correlant Inc, and a technical staff member at various other companies including Pacific Communication Sciences Inc and Titan-Linkabit. His areas of expertise include DOCSIS, WiMAX, satellite, MPEG and networking protocols.

Mr. Friedman worked briefly as a consultant at Hospira, a major manufacturer of infusion systems.  Mr. Friedman's primary job was the redesign and addition of functionality to support higher quality infusion